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Eyebrow Design

Work done from technique of visagismo to promote harmony of the face.

Eyelash Extension

Threaded yarn technique that promotes extension and filling of eyelashes, ensuring length and volume.

Hair Removal

Traditional (with wax) – progressive and definitive removal of hairs technique.

Manicure Pedicure

We have the best professionals and best enamel brands at your disposal. In addition to traditional manicure and pedicure we also perform gel enameling, stretching and SPA of the hands and feet.


We specialize in creating perfect color and styling. Supported by skilled hair colorists and stylist, we offer excellent hair color and color correction services.

Facial Skin Care

Our menu of services is extensive in this question. We offer skin cleansing, plasma therapy for rejuvenation, botox application, fill and more!


Mesotherapy, also known as intradermoterpia is an aesthetic treatment that aims to soften the marks of stretch marks, cellulites and sagging.

Make up

Our professional works with products of the best known and renowned brands in the world to value the face and beauty of each client.

Micropigmentation of eyebrow, eyes and mouth

Technique yarn used to fill in faults or to change the shape of the bow, always taking into consideration the face, the taste of the client and the natural color of the threads.


Radiofrequency is a technique responsible for heating all tissues that have water molecules in their composition. It acts by generating heat in the dermis, inducing the production of new collagen fibers.


what people say about us

I met Rafa on the advice of a friend. I confess that my expectations were medium because I have had numerous experiences with several designers of eyebrows around the world and nothing had been spectacular. Rafa was not only spectacular, he would also say extraordinary! His work is impeccable, his techniques are always super and Rafa is a unique human being with incredible care.

Tati Montenegro
Tati Montenegro

I always worried about the aesthetics of my face, about looking good and being able to feel good about myself. Because of poor service, my eyebrows were horrified and my self-esteem was on the floor. My appearance was different and it bothered me a lot. Until one day an angel named Rafa Lauretto fell from the sky to take care of what I thought had no solution. With his skill, care, professionalism and care, in the first meeting I could recover my desire to smile and my self-esteem. Quality and competence are two words that translate the basis of the service she uses in the services she performs, which I would like to highlight and praise publicly.

Cinthia Mazzeo
Cinthia Mazzeo

Rafa is a differentiated professional. I would define the most striking feature of his work as delicacy. It has a sensitive, natural, elegant, soft, light and sensational look! Note thousand! I can say that there is no one who works like her, because besides being a true artist in what she does, she does it with love and dedication.

Clarissa Delpupo
Clarissa Delpupo
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